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Ciao ^^

Age: 21     Gender: F
Languages: Italian
Seek/offer: Friendship | mutual knowledge | exchange of ideas | interaction for hobbies, games, sports, travels etc. | language exchange
Education: High school student
Religion: Atheist or agnostic
Psychological type: Introvert
Sexuality: Bisexual
Member of:
Time since last visit: 4 years
Country: Italy   State/Province:
City:     Zip Code:
Skype name:
Profession: Student
Smoker: Yes
Current relationship: Engaged
Living with: With my parents
Answers to self-interview: 28 (it)  
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My interests, hobbies, habitsScrivere,ascoltare musica,anime,manga,dipingere,scienza,matematica,esoterismo
My personality
My nature and characterIntroverso,complesso
How introvert / extravert I amTroppo
What I find good/beautiful in lifeNon lo so
What I find bad/ugly in lifeLa vita stessa
My preferences and tastes
What I appreciate most in a personIntelligenza
My favorite types of readingsHorror,Giallo,paranormale
My feelings
My fearsRagni
Things I am passionate aboutDi tutto
Things that irritate meInsistenza,costrizione
Things I could never forgivePutroppo perdono tutto
My wishes and motivations
My desiresAmore vero
What I am looking for but can't findAmore vero
How satisfied I am of the life I liveuhn....5 1/2
My social relationships
How much I am interested in the ideas and feelings of othersZero
How much I need other people's approvalNon l'ho mai avuta
What I expect from a friend, what true friendship is for meOrmai non mi aspetto più nulla
What I am doing for the common goodI cazzi miei
My story
My successesSuccessi scolastici
My failuresAmicizie e amori falliti a gogo
My self-evaluations
How I appraise myselfDipende
My virtues and qualitiesNon sono io a dover giudicare
My faults and defectsTroppo esigente
My ethics
My ethical principlesFatti i cazzi tuoi che campi 100 anni
My ideas and views
My religious beliefsAteismo
My views on marriageSI SALVI CHI PUO'
Do I believe in destiny? That all things follow a predetermined plan? That nothing happens by chance?
The things I consider most important for a life worth livingRispetto per se stessi. Guardarsi nello specchio con serenità.