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Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come

Affidabile e Sincero, decisamente timido ma non noioso. Cerco belle persone con cui condividere un qualcosa

Age: 42     Gender: M
Languages: Italian
Seek/offer: Mutual knowledge
Education: Undergraduate student
Religion: Other
Psychological type: Introvert
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Member of:
Time since last visit: 1 year
Country: Italy   State/Province: Roma
City: Roma    Zip Code:
Skype name:
Profession: Professional
Smoker: No
Current relationship: Unmarried
Living with: Alone
Answers to self-interview: 110 (it)  
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My interests, hobbies, habitsLettura, Passeggiate, Spiritualità, Tecnologia, fotografia
Details about what I seek and offerNuove conoscenze
Things that worry me in my lifetristezza
Things that worry me in the lives of the persons who are important to mesalute
My personality
My nature and characterSensibile, tranquillo, pacato
How introvert / extravert I amdecisamente introverso
What I find good/beautiful in lifelo scoprire nuove cose, nuove persone, luoghi
What I find bad/ugly in lifela violenza, fisica e verbale
How easily I feel shylo sono di mio
How stable is my moodcerco di mantenerlo stabile
I prefer to lead or follow?dipende
How conformist I ampoco
How orderly and inclined to discipline I amordinato il giusto ma non eccessivo
How important sincerity is for memolto
How jealous I ampochissimo
How envious I amniente
How arrogant or presumptuous I ampochissimo
How lazy I amun po'
How creative I think I ammolto
How much I fear deathnon tanto
How much I try to adapt to society as it is and how much I try to change itmi ci sforzo
How narcissistic I ampoco
My preferences and tastes
What I appreciate most in a personla dolcezza ed i modi
My favorite types of readingsFilosofia, Storia
My favorite vacations (places, activities, company etc.)Città d'arte,
Films I likeMatrix
My favorite music typesindie rock
My favorite placestutta l'Italia
Persons I consider role modelsfortunatamente siamo tutti diversi
My favorite sports (watched)calcio e basket
Nutrition forms chosen (vegetarian, vegan, omnivorous etc.)vegetariano
Books important to meFrammenti di un insegnamento sconosciuto di P.Ouspenski. Magick di Aleister Crowley
Traditions I likenessuna
Traditions I dislikeReligioni tradizionali, usi e costumi
My feelings
My fearsil dolore
Things I am passionate abouti miei interessi
Things that irritate mel'ignoranza
Things I could never forgivela violenza
How much I can stand solitude, how often I feel lonelyla sopporto bene
How selective I am in social relationstantissimo
Things that bore mele chiacchiere inutili
Things that stress mele chiacchiere inutili
Things that frustrate mele chiacchiere inutili
Things that make me sufferle sofferenze
Things that move megli animali
Things that make me laughle cose buffe
Things about which I cannot jokele malattie
Things I cannot toleratela violenza sugli animali
Things I am proud ofrettitudine
Types of persons I hate or despisele persone false, violente, ignoranti
What I feel for human beings in generaldipende
How easily I fall in lovemi ci vuole un po'
How easily I get angrydipende dalle circostanze
How easily I get boredogni tanto
How I react to aggressiveness and insults of others towards mein genere rispondo per le rime
How I react to accusations and criticismdipende dal tipo
Things that soften mecuccioli
What I like about my workflessibilità
What I dislike about my workstress
My wishes and motivations
My desiresgirare il mondo in buona compagnia
What I am looking for but can't finduna persona giusta
How satisfied I am of the life I livemediamente
How much I am interested in new ideasmolto
What I would do with 100 million dollarsun'isola?
Dreams and passions I gave upuna baita in canada
My social relationships
How much I am interested in the ideas and feelings of othersabbastanza interessato
How much I need other people's approvalun po'
What I expect from a friend, what true friendship is for meessere presente
What I can offer for freela pazienza
Do I feel recognized / appreciated enough by the people close to me?si da chi mi conosce bene
What I do when I am angrymi chiudo in me stesso
How I am able to manage conflictsinsomma
My self-evaluations
How I appraise myselfabbastanza
My virtues and qualitiesl'affidabilità
My faults and defectsnon ho particolari vizi,
How intelligent I think I amcredo nella media
How much I feel useful, and to whomsicuramente ai miei genitori
My ethics
My ethical principlesfai ciò che vuoi sarà tutta la tua legge
What I think of tax evasion from an ethical point of viewimmorale
My opinion about prostitutionognuno è padrone della propria vita
My opinion about pornographyognuno è padrone della propria vita
My opinion about homosexuality and bisexualityognuno è padrone della propria vita
My opinion about abortionscelte personali
My opinion about altruism and egotismsono presenti in diversa misura in tutte le persone
My opinion about war and pacifismnon capisco le guerre
My opinion about euthanasiascelte personali
My opinion about the death penaltyintollerabile
My opinion about torture, and whether I think it should be allowed in particular casesintollerabile
My opinion about poligamynon mi piace
My ideas and views
My religious beliefslibero pensatore
My views on marriageè una scelta
Do I believe in destiny? That all things follow a predetermined plan? That nothing happens by chance?molto, tutto è segnato
My political orientationlibero pensatore
Whom I consider responsible for society's illschi ha potere
What I think intelligence is, how I would define itè difficile riscontrarla
My views on the use of drugs and their legalizationnon amo le dipendenze
What I think of love, how I would define itdipende da cosa si intende
Whether I think society would be better / worse without mela stessa
What I think an individual can do to improve societymigliorare se stesso
My views on masturbationscelte personali
My views on psychology, psychotherapy, psychologists and psychotherapistspuò aiutare
My views on astrologypuò aiutare
My views on esoterism and magicpuò aiutare
My views on reincarnationci credo
My views on religions different from minescelte personali
My views on free will (reality or delusion?)è reale ma in parte
My views on introversiontroppo estroversi non li capisco
Do I think that Man is fundamentally good or evil?entrambi
The things I consider most important for a life worth livingla conoscenza
How much free time I havepoco nei giorni feriali, molto nel fine settimana