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Volere è potere

Non ho voglia di dire niente su di me.

Age: 44     Gender: F
Languages: Italian | Spanish
Seek/offer: Self-knowledge
Education: High school
Religion: Personal religion
Psychological type: Introvert
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Member of:
Time since last visit: 1 year
Country: Italy   State/Province:
City:     Zip Code:
Skype name:
Profession: Other
Smoker: No
Current relationship: Married
Living with:
Answers to self-interview: 16 (it)  
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My personality
My nature and characterImpulsivo, sensibile, testardo.
How introvert / extravert I amMolto.
What I find good/beautiful in lifeI miei figli.
My preferences and tastes
What I appreciate most in a personEmpatia
My favorite types of readingsSaggi
My favorite vacations (places, activities, company etc.)Estero, avventura, famiglia.
My feelings
My fearsSbagliare. Essere inadeguata. Parlare in pubblico.
Things I am passionate aboutViaggi, letture, corsi dove poter imparare cose nuove.
Things that irritate meArroganza, maleducazione, insensibilità.
Things I could never forgiveIndifferenza.
My wishes and motivations
My desiresEssere amata e riuscire ad amare.
What I am looking for but can't findEquilibrio.
How satisfied I am of the life I livePoco.
My social relationships
How much I am interested in the ideas and feelings of othersMolto
How much I need other people's approvalMoltissimo, purtroppo.
What I expect from a friend, what true friendship is for meEsserci.